Northern California Style - 4 art per day

Dedicated to displaying the beauty of Northern California.

Recent Work

  • Death Valley, Badwater Sunset over the White Mountains with Snow by photosbyflood
  • Sunset near Cambria, California by Buckwhite
  • Castle Rock – Modoc County, CA by Rebel Kreklow
  • 90 Degrees by Bob Wall
  • Silhouette of a Lone Fisherman at Morro Bay by Buckwhite
  • Victorian Splendor – Hohenwarter House, Woodland, Yolo County, CA.  by Rebel Kreklow
  • Sierra Sundawg by Barbara  Brown
  • Point Reyes Shipwreck, Sunrise by photosbyflood
  • Winter Deer by Barbara  Brown
  • Nature's Beauty by Maurine Huang
  • The Gates of Hell. Rodin Sculpture Garden. Stanford University Campus, California by Igor Pozdnyakov
  • The Pink Lady, Eureka, California, USA by Bryan D. Spellman

About This Group

This group is for artists from all parts of Northern California and those artists who live elsewhere but love this area of the world. You must ensure the work you submit depicts some aspect of Northern California that is special to you. Please include that the work is of Northern California or the City and California. If you wish for your work to be Featured it must state “taken in Northern California” or at least the Northern California City.

Please scroll down to periodically check out the photo of our Special Featured Art

Special Featured Art …Two Sea Otters Wake Up by ottersdontflush

“Co-Challenge winners”
Count The Cars by Patty Boyte, San José Trolley Barn 1 by Amy-Elyse Neer, Rock Creek Trestle by doubleheader, Lonesome Rails by Barbara Brown, Poppies and Railroad Track by Denice Breaux, Old Number 3 by Bob Wall and Locomotion by the57man

Special Featured Art July 2011. In honor of all those who are not coming home and all those who have received the flag. War Memorial Statue Healdsburg Plaza by the artist – Ken Scarboro

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 18 May 2010 – "Acorn Festival " by the Artist: Patty Boyte

Special Featured Art selected by one of the Norther California Style Hosts

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 20 April – 18 May 2010 – “Spring Poppies 2” by the Artist: Don Albonico

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 30 Mar – 20 April 2010 – “Oak in the Poppy Fields” by the Artist: Sesillie

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 8 – 30 Mar 2010 – “Winter Wonderland” by the Artist: Barbara Brown

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 16 Feb – 8 Mar 2010 – “Silver Apron” by the Artist: Radek Hofman

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 26 Jan – 15 Feb 2010 *"Boogy And Grandma" by the Artist: Nancy Chambers

Challenge Winner and Group Avatar 12 Jan-26 Jan 2010 Distinguished Gentlemen by the Artist: Chris Morrison

Challenge Winner and Group Avata Dec – 11 Jan 2010
San Francisco by the Artist: Radek Hofman

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