None of the above

A group for people who need no ancient texts to command them to be good people


  • Rishani Sittampalam

    Worship by Rishani Sittam...

    From the deepest place I pour my song to You…

    and wait on abated breath
    in the still
    in the silence
    as You part the curtain in Your realm
    and step into mine…

    My soul,
    Wait silently

    And in t

    116 words
  • kashmirecho

    If I die tonight by kashmirecho

    If I die tonight I want you to know that I love you,
    even if I’ve never told you.

    And if I have told you,
    then I want you to know that I meant it.

    36 words
  • kashmirecho

    Letter of Ghosts by kashmirecho

    I’m going to write you a letter
    that you will probably never read.
    But if I don’t write it,
    it will keep haunting me.
    So I’m going to let out the ghosts
    and let them fly as they may.
    Maybe they’ll fl…

    52 words
  • kashmirecho

    Speak With Feeling by kashmirecho

    Speak with feeling
    Speak with flow
    Let it out
    Let it go…

    The sky is falling
    The sky is crashing
    Watch it rolling
    Watch it flashing

    Listen with your heart
    Listen with your mind
    Hear it soft
    Hear it kind

    The oce

    93 words
  • kashmirecho

    Belief by kashmirecho

    I have a belief
    That maybe if I keep believing
    My belief will be enough

    15 words
  • Charmiene Maxwell-Batten

    THE CHAUFFEUR by Charmiene Maxw...

    Does a chauffeur willingly relinquish any form of natural behavior in order to be a platform or a backdrop for the affluent performers in this show?

    599 words
  • Charmiene Maxwell-Batten

    MARSHMALLOWS by Charmiene Maxw...

    When the last morsel of marshmallow is consumed, an empty sense of yearning strives for attention – is that ‘cold-turkey’?

    593 words