Artwork for the Non Violent

Recent Work

  • Worldship - Earth Seeker by AlienVisitor
  • Rain Dances by Jennifer Rhoades
  • I wish I could wash you away forever (till I was innocent again) by strawberries
  • Invade you by Heather King
  • Evening Light - Galaxies Edge by AlienVisitor
  • the root of all by titus toledo
  • Oh, you saxy thing by Alan Mattison
  • Playful Dog by Sophie Corrigan
  • Anatomy of a Chicken by Sophie Corrigan
  • The Hespirides -  the Lost Voyager by Peter Krause
  • Gothic Slumming by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Blue  by WickedlyLovely

About This Group

No Clothing, Stickers or iPhone Cases will be accepted into the group.

This group dedicates itself to the promotion of artwork and photography, which could be used in graphic novels or any kind of illustrated book, and which does not rely on strong violence to tell the story. The only ‘violence’ which is acceptable is the ‘cartoon’ variety ie: slapping around, butt kicks, prat-falls etc as epitomised by The 3 Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Marx Bros, Buster Keaton, Chaplin et al, and just about any Warner Bros cartoon ever made.

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