All Nikon Users

Group Rules:

Have FUN.
1. All photographs must be taken with your Nikon camera! Please state which Nikon you are using in the description. (95% of images rejected do not list the Nikon camera used. The other 5% are images taken by Canon, Sony, etc, in other words, NOT Nikon.) Any members consistently ignoring this rule will be dropped from membership.
2. For SLRs and DSLRs, post the lens used on your photographs.
3. No added text.
4. Only submit your best work
5.No over processed photos – filters/ textures etc
6. 2 photos a day
7. SPREAD THE LOVE! Comment on and like featured works!

Please feel free to use the Forums for suggestions, tips, tricks etc. on how you used your Nikon to get those amazing photographs!

No offensive posts.