Nikon D40(x) Users-3 a day- Open

This is a group for Nikon D40(x) users to share their work and experience with this popular DSLR.

Recent Work

  • Reflections at the Mercer Williams House  by John  Kapusta
  • Wrought Iron  by John  Kapusta
  • If Your Not Out Front the View is Always the Same!  by John  Kapusta
  • The Fire Escape  by John  Kapusta
  • A New Day!  by John  Kapusta
  • Eternal Rest? Maybe! by John  Kapusta
  • Follow the Path  by John  Kapusta
  • Stalker!  by John  Kapusta
  • Walking In A Williamsburg Garden by Lois  Bryan
  • Who's Zommin Who? by John  Kapusta
  • Assisi pigeon bath by Tony Reed
  • Cool Breeze Painterly by Lois  Bryan

About This Group

The purpose of this group is for people to share their work, experience and give tips to other users regarding the Nikon D40 and the D40X.

Images uploaded to this group should be those that you are most Proud of, and images that you would be Proud to display on your wall. Please consider this before adding them for approval to the group. We look forward to seeing your Best Work.

Shot of the Month

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