**NIGHT OR LOW LIGHT**-NO dusk, dawn, twilight, sunrise, sunset or daytime pics

We want to provide a special place for those Redbubble members who like night photo's or low light

Recent Work

  • From my father's island by indiafrank
  • Auroras and the boat  by Frank Olsen
  • The Approaching Storm by Don Arsenault
  • 0102 Caught Unawares by DavidsArt
  • Nile by night by heinrich
  • La Grande Roue by stjc
  • Startrails over Jackson Hole's Newest Park by A.M. Ruttle
  • Beacon of Paris by Nishant Kuchekar
  • Russell and Lonsdale by Night - Melbourne, Victoria by clickedbynic
  • Date Night- Piers Park,East Boston by LudaNayvelt
  • Star Trails Comets Streak Over Red Rock Canyon by Gavin Heffernan
  • International Fireworks Festival 2014 - Seoul, South Korea by TonyCrehan

About This Group

Night and Low Light photography is the home for the night owls, denizens of the dark, and insomniacs with cameras, artists who disdain bright lights. We wish to highlight the works of artists who come out after the sun has gone. If the sky is bright it hurts our eyes so bring forth your cityscape, lightning, star fields and moonlit fields, seascapes and mountainsides. But please leave those sunsets and sunrises for other groups

Let your low light creativity glow by candlelight, streetlamps, and any dimly lit still life and location.

. Hosts-
Larry Grayam
John Vandeven
*Feel free to contact us

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