NightTime Nature And Landscape Photography (Landscape Photography Done At Night! Please read the group rules before submitting work)

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AT NIGHT! - Landscape photos taken during the hours between dusk and dawn. **(Please read group rules before submitting photos).**


  • Milky Way over Wanaka by Neville Jones
  • Barrus Homestead revisited #2.IMGP5877 by Murray Wills
  • The Milky Way by adbetron
  • Orroral Valley Homestead, by night by Tim Coleman
  • Aurora Australis by HildaJorgensen
  • Barrus Homestead revisited 5892. by Murray Wills
  • Arctic night by Frank Olsen
  • Mueller range New Zealand - full moon. by Steven  Sandner
  • "That Wanaka Tree" by Steven  Sandner
  • Black Gap Road by pablosvista2
  • Kalbarri at night. f2.8 iso 400 and 28sec by Doug Cliff
  • SUNSET  -  Coward Springs  -  South Australia by Leslie-Ann
  • Stars over Dublin, Calif. by gerardofm4
  • The river I by Frank Olsen
  • Auroras Rig by peaceofthenorth
  • After sunset I by Frank Olsen
  • Aurora Australis at Cradle Mountain by tinnieopener
  • Mupe Bay before Dawn by Guy  Berresford