Newcastle NSW, Lake Macquarie & Surrounding Region

A wonderful portrait of the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Hunter Regions.

Recent Work

  • Sandy Shore by Sharon Brown
  • Somersby Falls panorama by Michael Howard
  • Falling by Michael Howard
  • Five foggy boats by Michael Howard
  • Redhead Shark Tower Crystal Ball by MartinasFineArt
  • Metewether pump house in Newcastle NSW by MartinasFineArt
  • Lip Gouge by reflector
  • Grommie Slash by reflector
  • Riding the rails by UncaDeej
  • Swansea storm by Michael Howard
  • Tanilba Bay by Michael Howard
  • Tilly Creek by Michael Howard

About This Group

This site is for those interested in promoting the beautiful scenery of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Hunter River regions of New South Wales Australia. The aim is to show the world what we have to offer. After all we have unlimited beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, vineyards, just to name a few. For years the area has been cloaked in its industrial cloud, now that has lifted and others are seeing this area for the wonderful easy lifestyle that it can offer. All photo images, artistic drawings, writing, journals and clothing are encouraged but must be able to be identified as being of the region.

The work submitted must clearly identify the area and must be accompanied by a description of where it is and what it is. Images of animals and flowers will NOT be accepted unless THE IMAGE SHOWS A SIGNIFICANCE TO NEWCASTLE AND THE REGION. So if its just an image of an animal without the scenic component, then it will be rejected – there are other groups who cater for this work. THIS GROUP IS TO PROMOTE THE BEAUTY OF THE REGION.

Even though there is an unlimited number of images allowed in the group, THERE IS A LIMIT OF 3 IMAGES PER PERSON PER DAY. This is mainly to make it fair to others in the group who suddenly might find their work buried immediately in distant pages.

No Nudity or inappropriate behavioral images

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