New Jersey - What's Your Exit?

Artists from New Jersey, artwork about New Jersey or concepts related in some way to New Jersey are all welcome here.


  • Pathway by Lanis Rossi
  • House - Bevidere NJ - Country garden by Michael Savad
  • It's A Jungle Out There  by Lanis Rossi
  • Trailblazing by Lanis Rossi
  • Seaside Memories  by Lanis Rossi
  • Lucy the Elephant by Lanis Rossi
  • Bringing In The Big Guns by Lanis Rossi
  • Sweet Summer Potpourri by RVogler
  • Woodland Silhouette by RVogler
  • Retro Arcade by RVogler
  • Life Boat #3 by Legend  Photography
  • Miss White-tail  by Lanis Rossi
  • Sweet Pepperbush by RVogler
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  by Lanis Rossi
  • Into the Brine by ShootFirstNYC
  • Title: Wave  by ShootFirstNYC
  • Get a leg up by ShootFirstNYC
  • Take a bow by ShootFirstNYC