Your best art that contains anything Nautical


  • kalaryder

    Green is Ancient Wisdom by kalaryder

    The sea has been moving since the dawn of time
    Each droplet, each wave inquires
    It asks and questions the stony edge

    72 words
  • Hector A. Encinas

    A song for Sophia (c) by Hector A. Encinas

    A song for my baby girl
    Song for Sophia by Hector A Encinas

    266 words
  • Hector A. Encinas

    The true aristocrat (c) by Hector A. Encinas

    A song by Hector A Encinas

    291 words
  • Hector A. Encinas

    A song for Lauren (c) by Hector A. Encinas

    A song by: Hector A. Encinas

    138 words
  • Andy Nawroski

    A Simple Word. by Andy Nawroski

    upon desk now forest thick
    wrote you have nothing
    a life of simple trick

    110 words
  • Donna19

    PS I Miss You by Donna19

    There was little sound on the shore today. No waves crashing in, just a quiet lap moving in and back out to sea. The sun was of moderate temperature as if afraid to interrupt the tranquil shore. I co

    393 words
  • JRGarland

    The Arid Sand by JRGarland

    As the arid sand of the oasis breathes
    So is the sea the harbor’s own delight
    A whispering moon cascades the salty air
    May love adorn you both day and night

    32 words
  • Donna19

    Soft This Night by Donna19

    Soft this night
    With stars so bright
    As evening fell
    A lovely tell
    Wander I have beneath beyond
    Along the shore in quiet fond
    Amazing how sea shimmers light
    Lapping sand just feels so right
    Senses tuned to s

    149 words
  • Donna19

    Day Gives Sway by Donna19

    As quiet as a willows sway
    Day began in suns bright ray
    Motionless seas of crystals vast
    Beauty born of creations blast
    Stood I did on sand and shell
    Breathless watching slow the swell
    Inside each roll tum

    155 words
  • Donna19

    Diary Of A MadWoMan by Donna19

    Beaching is not of Whales. Such is the vision of larger than life but perhaps an Ocean is. Beaching is of the undeniable and breathlessness the shore truly is. I beach therefore I am! I lie on the sa

    276 words
  • juddarwin

    Yes is you....59(?). wRITES. iN. pROGRzArESs" by juddarwin

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    167 words
  • JRGarland

    The Ocean of Eternal Dreams by JRGarland

    Deep into the oceans of eternal dreams
    Lies all the passion and desires held inside
    Beneath the swells of your conscious breathing
    Where love and abundance hold the keys to life…

    Abide along the shores o

    98 words
  • George Coombs

    Holding The Silence by George Coombs

    silence held
    close in the heart…
    needing refuge
    from all noise
    i walk slowly
    in a gathering hush…
    sense of the unearthly
    in an innocent
    bird anthemed morning.…

    modest foliated trees
    symbolise yearning
    truth an

    61 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    The Golden Galleon Wannabe by LindaPerryMcC

    There was an ancient mariner
    Whose home was on the sea
    He fashioned him a vessel
    Of woven silk and seaweed
    He took it out one windy day
    To test its worthiness
    And sailed upon the briny blue
    Encased in home…

    174 words
  • JRGarland

    Ocean's Dream by JRGarland

    Engaging moments of a requited ocean’s dream
    Where soothing tides capture twilight’s stare
    Ebbing and flowing through life’s golden years
    Embracing waves of love’s gentle tears…

    Enter into a world where

    100 words
  • George Coombs

    The Interenet by George Coombs

    glad to be caught
    in net cast by
    great cyberspace minds
    the internet
    my world populous with
    peole shining
    like stars at night…
    touching and being
    touched aware of
    a cast net drawing
    beautiful souls…
    now…no fear…

    56 words
  • Susan Werby

    Fading Gold by Susan Werby

    Quiet waters mesmerize
    As chirping insects and
    Tiny birds hide within
    The graceful grasses beyond

    Dappled golds ripple
    Into magnificent dreams
    Of insular times of yesteryear

    Nature’s gift to all who stop

    49 words
  • Nigel Bangert

    Noise by Nigel Bangert

    I can hear the rush of the world still
    In my ears, like the sea never leaves the shell,
    No matter how far travelled by a beachcomber
    Who takes their souvenir home.

    106 words