Nature's Symphony Of Trees and Flowers (NO manmade materials/structures,humans,animals, or bugs.)

To capture trees and flowers at their best performance!

Recent Work

  • A Wink and a Smile by Linda Makiej
  • Autumn Canopy by Dave Godden
  • Fan dancer. by Paul Pasco
  • Crabapples in the Rain by Linda Makiej
  • Yellow Maple by Linda Makiej
  • 4789 by peter holme III
  • Lovely Lotus by DonnaM
  • Pair of Pink Enamels by kalaryder
  • Columbine.....popped up in our garden ! by Roy  Massicks
  • Sunset Sea Breeze by Lindsay Merwin
  • Autumn vibes series. 5 by demonkourai
  • Autumn vibes series. 10 by demonkourai

About This Group

Please share your beautiful images of trees and flowers with our group.

ACCEPTED: Photography and Art

1. One simple rule: We accept trees, flowers and fungi only in the shot. No manmade materials, humans, or animals. Scenic roads are fine.

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