Nature Photography Challenge (wild creatures, plants and places only)

Group Rules:

This is a Nature Photography Challenge group for NATURE photographers, amateur or professional.


1. Photographs must have been taken by YOU.

2. PHOTOGRAPHS MUST NOT INCLUDE HUMANS OR ANY HUMAN-MADE OBJECTS. Photos that show humans or human-made objects will be deleted from our challenges and not accepted in to the group. This rule is at the hosts discretion and human made objects made from natural materials may be accepted for exceptional images.

3. Photos entered in to the group must be of WILD species. “Wild” is defined as species that are not domesticated or captive, living free “in the wild”. Photos of domesticated animals, pets and captive animals in zoos or fenced “wildlife parks” WILL NOT be accepted. We will however accept images of butterflies kept in large housing as long as they are not of a migrative species (in other words if they are a species that migrates to another part of the world).

4. ONLY minimal Photoshop-type image manipulation and editing will be accepted like basic editing, cropping, adjustment of saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. is allowed. HDR is allowed where the result is photo-realistic.

5. We would like photos to include SPECIES NAME, SCIENTIFIC NAME AND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OR INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR SUBJECT and must be added to the group prior to entering the contest. We all want to learn about our subjects.

6. THE PRIZE: GLORY for the winners. The 3 winning photos from each contest will be posted in the FEATURED WORK section of the group. The 1st place photo from each contest will become the Avatar picture until the next challenge has ended.

7. By joining this group you give the hosts permission to use your photos as the avatars for the group challenges. (By doing so you are giving your photo and profile greater exposure).

8. We will only accept Wild Flowers your image must be labelled to verify that it is a wild species.

9. We will not accept images that are framed and containing text other than that of the artists signature or company name.

10. Rules may change from time to time so please be sure you read the group messages when they are sent out.