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(Amphibians & Reptiles Category) - Family - Gekkonidae - Geckos

This challenge closed about 6 years ago.

The Challenge

The 10th in our new challenge layout catering for all aspects of nature for us nature lovers.

As you can see the title will start with the category which will make it easier for me when choosing what challenge to do next, I can see the challenges I have already run in this category.

For this challenge please add your images of GECKOS.

Interesting Facts

> Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos.

> Gekkonidae is the largest family of lizards, with over 2000 different species worldwide and many others likely yet to be discovered.

> The name stems from the Indonesian-Javanese word Tokek, inspired by the sound these animals make.

> All geckos, excluding the Eublepharinae subfamily, have no eyelids and instead have a transparent membrane which they lick to clean.

> Many species will, in defense, expel a foul-smelling material and faeces onto their aggressors. There are also many species that will drop their tails in defense, a process called autotomy.

> Many species are well known for their specialized toe pads that enable them to climb smooth and vertical surfaces, and even cross indoor ceilings with ease (one hypothesis explains the ability in terms of the van der Waals force). These antics are well-known to people who live in warm regions of the world, where several species of geckos make their home inside human habitations. These species (for example the House Gecko) become part of the indoor menagerie and are often welcome guests, as they feed on insects, including mosquitoes.

> Unlike most lizards, geckos are usually nocturnal and are great climbers.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia

Judging / Voting Criteria

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Rewards & Prizes

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Additional Information


Cover Image: CLIFF HANGER by mc27


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CLIFF HANGER by mc27 was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Baby Dragon / Uroplatus ebenaui by Amrita Neelakantan
  • Gecko Feed by naturalnomad
  • Leopard Gecko by AnnDixon

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