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(Amphibians & Reptiles Category) - Family - Chamaeleonidae - Chameleon

This challenge closed about 6 years ago.

The Challenge

The 6th in our new challenge layout catering for all aspects of nature for us nature lovers.

As you can see the title will start with the category which will make it easier for me when choosing what challenge to do next, I can see the challenges I have already run in this category.

For this challenge please add your images of CHAMELEONS.

Interesting Facts

> There are approximately 160 species of chameleon range from Africa, Madagascar, Spain and Portugal, across south Asia, to Sri Lanka, have been introduced to Hawaii, California and Florida, and are found in warm habitats that vary from rain forest to desert conditions.

> The oldest known chameleon fossil is that of Chamaeleo caroliquarti, found in Europe and dated to about 26 million years ago.

> The Brookesia Minima from Madagascar is the world’s smallest species of chameleon at around 1.2cm in length. The largest is that of the Furcifer oustaleti also from Madagascar at 68.5cm in length.

> The primary purpose of color change has been found to be due to social signalling, as opposed to camouflage, although both social signalling color change, and color change for purposes of camouflage do occur in most chameleons, to some extent. Chameleons tend to show darker colors when angered, or attempting to scare or intimidate others, and males show lighter, multi-colored patterns when courting females.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia and Oddee

Judging / Voting Criteria

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Rewards & Prizes

1st place winners will have their photo used as the group Avatar for a period of time.
Then 1st, 2nd and 3rd will have their photo’s posted on the groups Feature Board.
1st place member will be become a featured member.

Additional Information


Cover Image: Chameleon 1 by IngridSonja


The Top Ten

Chameleon 1 by IngridSonja

Chameleon 1 by IngridSonja was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

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  • chameleon by Mindy Nguyen
  • Karma Chameleon by SuddenJim
  • Chameleon by INTERACTION
  • Chameleon Face by Amrita Neelakantan
  • The Only Way Is Up by Trent Suski

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