Natural Developments

Anyone who has trekked into the field with camera has likely envisioned seeing their photographs grace the pages of National Geographic. This group’s goal is to showcase the Very Best “WILD & FREE” Wildlife Photography!

Recent Work

  • Andean Bear named Woof by Linda Sparks
  • New Holland Honeyeater-III by Tom Newman
  • Great Grey Owl by Owl-Images
  • Jacob the Harris Hawk by Silken Photography
  • Yes mum I am eating my greens!!! by CBoyle
  • Facing the Dragon by Carl Olsen
  • Southern White Faced Owl by Michael  Moss
  • Jellyen by Henry Jager
  • Butterfly - Vanessa Cardui by Henry Jager
  • Bee on Sunflower by Henry Jager
  • Lavender Bee by Henry Jager
  • Butterfly or Snake Head by Henry Jager

About This Group

WILD & FREE WILDLIFE – is the name of the game!

Although we may not be far from home, visions of grandeur and exotic locales fill our minds. We all strive to make the dream a reality, waiting for the perfect moment in the sweetest light, hoping we nailed the shot and that it will impress the editors of a publication or contest committee enough to be chosen as the one! Here in this group is your chance to taste greatness.

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