MYSTique (must be related to the Myst game)

Objects, places, or even people that remind you in some way of the Myst game.

Recent Work

  • Steampunk - The Control Room  by Michael Savad
  • Steam Engines of the Mississippi by FeeBeeDee
  • Steampunk - Photonic Experimentation by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - The Mad Scientist by Michael Savad
  • Pharmacy - Victorian Apparatus  by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - Gun - The sidearm by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - Victorian fuse box by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - Boiler Gauge by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - Pandora's box by Michael Savad
  • Steampunk - Control Panel by Michael Savad
  • Rocky Maze by Malik Jayawardena
  • Steampunk - The pressure gauge by Michael Savad

About This Group

We are looking for creative works – photos, paintings, poetry, t-shirts, etc. – that could easily belong in the Ages of Myst (Myst, for those who might not know, is a computer adventure game).
Do you have photos of a machine that looks as though it would be right at home in Riven? A building that reminds you of Tomahna?
Please, share it with us here!

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