Mysteries of the Common

The premise of this group is to showcase photographers work in the realm of creative interpretation of common items with little to no post-processing.

Recent Work

  • Quiet morning by Igor Philipenko
  • "Tree Fluffffff" by Husky
  • Bite Me! by Aileen David
  • Stand By by Komang
  • The Two Towers by Kathie Nichols
  • Autumn Saplings by Lynn Wiles
  • Revisiting an old friend in November by jchanders
  • THE SPOON by June Ferrol
  • The Secret Garden by Wini Minerd
  • Big world from a small point of View by RichImage
  • saguaro sunset by RichImage
  • Nature's fractals by ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey

About This Group

The premise of this group is to SHOWCASE PHOTOGRAPHERS work in the realm of creative interpretation of common items. This can be anything from an ambiguous macro to a conglomeration of lighting and traditional methods of processing making a common item into an uncommon masterpiece.

Remember, traditional processing methods apply…..any EXCESSIVE DIGITAL MANIPULATION will be removed. (if you could do it with film, you can do it here) SNAPSHOTS will be deleted immediately! Work that does not include a description and/or where it was taken will be removed without notice. Please NO DIGITAL FRAMING!!!

The work itself does not necessarily have to be ‘abstract’ , just a very insightful way of looking at something we would see in everyday life. If the work does not fit this criteria, it may be removed with an explanation as to why it was removed.

Thanks and good luck!!!

P.S. Please feel free to check out our new sister group ‘STUDIO ART’!!


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