Music Inspired Art (M.I.A) music links/lyrics required

For artists making art being inspired by a piece of music or music video

Recent Work

  • Sometimes All I See Is Music by Pete Klimek
  • Indian summer- L'ETE INDIEN / Abstract Art + Products Design  by haya1812
  • neon smiths by meehadjawwad
  • Gray winter day.....I know that time grows old... Can't stop the seasons Shifting sands slip through your hands... Time is gone before it's begun by jammingene
  • Bird Symphony- Art + Products Design  by haya1812
  • shine on you crazy diamond by meehadjawwad
  • Find A Way To My Heart - Red abstract  Art + Products Design  by haya1812
  • In the misty morning by jammingene
  • My Enemies rise and look to the skies..They Pray I will never appear..The Light has no meaning..Awake me I'm dreaming..They live a castle of fear..To be the King of kings by jammingene
  • Play Me by Pete Klimek
  • Hard driver, ridin' alone..Cause there's no lookin' back and you're never comin' home.. by jammingene
  • Fade to Black (The cruelty of lilacs) by Nadya Johnson

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Welcome to M.I.A. Music Inspired Art

This is a group for people who love art and music, we will put no bounds on what type of art or music as long as it is a combination of the two.


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