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Bracket fungi

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Enter an image of a bracket fungi.

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The person who wins gets to choose the next challenge.

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Additional Information

Bracket Fungi, any of about 1,000 species of generally tough or woody fungi named after the bracket-like or shelf-like shape of their fruiting bodies, or basidiomata. They are also called pore fungi because the fruiting surface, or hymenium, lines the inside of the often irregular pores on the undersurface of the basidioma. The basidioma in some species is as wide as 15 cm (6 in) and varies in colour from grey or brown to bright orange or yellow. The basidiomata of some large bracket fungi also extend as cap-like structures on stalks.

Cover Image: Bracket fungi ( White, brown, green, orange, red) by vandeBelt


The Top Ten

Orange Bracket Fungi by Marilyn Harris

Orange Bracket Fungi by Marilyn Harris was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Waves of Gold... by LindaR
  • Deep and mysterious by steppeland
  • Bracket Fungi in Bundaleer Forest by Annie Moore(Street)
  • Rainbow Fungus by Travis Easton
  • Bracket Fungi on a log by Antonia Newall
  • Bracket by Karen Karl
  • Fungi plate 2 by robmac
  • Fungi Sherbrooke Forest I by Tom Newman
  • Grass River Trail Fungi by linmarie

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