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Show us your best Amanita muscaria ( Fly Agaric)

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

This is our first challenge. Show us your best image of an Amanita Muscaria. ( Fly Agaric ) The red Fungi with those beautiful white spots.
The striking scarlet caps are now a familiar sight under a variety of trees ( Birches, Pines and Beeches, etc.). Originated from the Northern Hemisphere, it has now spread to most parts of the world. Distorted forms are often found. POISONOUS. Spore print white.

Judging / Voting Criteria

When voting on an image make sure that the fungi you vote on is shown clear and sharp.

Rewards & Prizes

The winner will be featured member of the month.
Images in the Top 10 will be featured in our group.

Additional Information

As this is our first challenge, I will let this one run for four weeks. We accept photo’s, paintings, drawings as long as it has one of those beautiful Amanita’s in your image. Good luck every one. Show us your best !!!

Cover Image: Amanita Muscaria by vandeBelt


The Top Ten

Fly Agaric by mikebov

Fly Agaric by mikebov was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • "A Subject of Fairytales" by LorusMaver
  • Red Toadstool by plumb
  • Kissing Fungi by Robert Abraham
  • Amanita Muscaria, Mushrooms by ienemien
  • Growing Up by George Petrovsky
  • Morning glory. by wayne51
  • AMANITA MUSCARIA by Johan  Nijenhuis
  • Beauty of Nature by i l d i    l a z a r
  • Where the fairies live by Lisa  Kenny

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