A group for images of those soft and weird fungi and mushrooms that you find.

Fungi in Autumn.

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Please enter an image with fungi and that you think represents Autumn.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the image that you think represents Autumn.

Rewards & Prizes

The honour of winning.

Cover Image: Autumn colours. by vandeBelt


The Top Ten

Toadstools !! by Eugenio

Toadstools !! by Eugenio was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Fly AGARIC,   Standing proud. by relayer51
  • Gymnopilus pampeanus by HG. QualityPhotography
  • Mushrooms in my backyard by Adri  Padmos
  • Fabulous fall by i l d i    l a z a r
  • In A Bed of Pine by vigor
  • Orange frilled fungi by Sonya Byrne
  • Warm Damp Season by Gozza
  • Wild Mushrooms, Blackbutt Reserve, NSW, Australia by Martyn Baker | Martyn Baker Photography
  • Card: I'll Protect You by USGolfers

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