Much More Mucha

Group Rules:

1. No photographs or collage please. There are other groups for these types of mediums.
2. The focus of this group is the portraiture of the human face and/or body. There can be more than one individual in the completed piece.
3. If the artwork is a nude, it must be modestly draped with fabric (recalling the style of Art Nouveau).
4. The artwork can be of mixed media, oil, acrylic, water color, ink, graphite, charcoal, pastels, colored pencil with some digital enhancements.
5. The artwork cannot be completely digital.
6. Please no gothic, hardcore, or whimsical, fantasy images.
7. We will accept only 2-3 works within a 24 hour period for reasons of having a variety in every page of the gallery.
8. Remember Alphonse Mucha produced series of many things (seasons, months of the year, specific actresses for playbills, advertisements, etc) – which are also accepted here; however, this is not the venue for repeated self portraits. There are other groups for those works.
9. No T-shirt designs. Make the design separate from the t-shirt so it can be seen without obstruction.