Moody & Evocative

Photography and Art of the Moody Variety

Recent Work

  • Angel at Sunset Time by John Dalkin
  • CLOUDS by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Teardrop Skin by Nuno Pires
  • Loch Kinord by David Lewins
  • Loch Kinord by David Lewins
  • The nestling by Angi Wallace
  • Theater Crowd by Chet  King
  • Passion fruit Still Life by iamelmana
  • Magnolia Season by Evita
  • Montreal portrait 1983 by indiafrank
  • Sanctioned Innocents by oneoftheclan
  • Warm winter days of sweet Hershey cuddles by nxxbliss

About This Group


Intense Feeling. Evocative— meaning— something that makes you FEEL something as you see it. Deeper self-expression, whether it be a dark feeling, or a brilliant sunrise. A child’s face.

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