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Art with a great sense of mood and ambiance. Unique and awe-inspiring lighting, perspective and overall ideas are encouraged! Think MOOD!

Man & Fire

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Enter a photo that includes:

1. Any size fire… from a spark to a wildfire.
2. One or more people.

Judging / Voting Criteria


Rewards & Prizes


Additional Information

—-You DO NOT need to enter photos in the group for ANY challenges, unless you wish the photo to be considered for a feature. The group art and the challenges are independent of each other. —-—-—

Cover Image: "Yep, snags are ready mate." by Col Finnie


The Top Ten

Cowboy Campfire by Heath Dreger

Cowboy Campfire by Heath Dreger was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Dancing with fire : photograph by Roz McQuillan
  • Cleaning Up by Arla M. Ruggles
  • Sitrep by Dean Symons
  • Flames of Faith by Tamara Travers
  • Working At Night by terrebo
  • Ring of Fire by lovebitten
  • Flaming Log by David Morgan
  • Fire offering by richardseah
  • Roadside Fire  by Tom Newman

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