Mood & Ambi(e)nce - Strictly Photos / ( No need to enter images in the group for the challenges)

Art with a great sense of mood and ambiance. Unique and awe-inspiring lighting, perspective and overall ideas are encouraged! Think MOOD!

Recent Work

  • Yosemite National Park, California by Ed Moore
  • Yosemite Valley (stylized) by Ed Moore
  • Pan Cinor "40" 8mm Reflex by Manfred Belau
  • Nature Kaleidoscope 36 by Rachael Martin
  • what are YOU looking at? by indiafrank
  • City Lights New York City by Vivienne Gucwa
  • Enchanting Pacific Northwest by Eoxe
  • Entrance to Raytharn Farm by David Lamb
  • Save Forest for Them! by Masha-Gr
  • Blue. by Michael Haslam
  • Blood Red Sunset At the Dock by Nancy Richard
  • Ready For My Closeup by Chet  King

About This Group

You DO NOT need to enter photos in the group for challenges, unless you wish the photo to be considered for a feature. The group art and the challenges are independent of each other. -————————-

Mood is established by the subject and environment working together to make the viewer feel like they are present and are emotionally invested in your photo.

mood: 1. a state or quality of feeling at a particular time, 2. a distinctive emotional quality or character, 3. a prevailing emotional tone or general attitude, 4. a frame of mind disposed or receptive, as to some activity or thing, 5. a state of sullenness, gloom, or bad temper.

ambient: 1. of the surrounding area or environment, 2. completely surrounding; encompassing.

(definitions by

We will be accepting ONLY PHOTOS at this time.


Our current avatar is shutterjunkie’s photo titled Winding Down

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