*ONE COLOR only* MONOCHROME. no b & w or sepia.(NO PRODUCTS/ SHOPS images..Default *Image Only* OR Rejection)

Group Rules:

Repeated rejections by the same artist will result in them being removed from the group…..No SHOPS images, art MUST be able to be Bannered……Image Only size is all we allow for Moderation purposes. No products will be accepted for moderation purposes, due to my vision problems. I need to be able to judge quality and content at a glance.. New rules effective 3-30-15.
Have FUN.
All photos or art of any nature are welcome, as long as they display 95% of ONE color OR with different shades. From ONE side of the image to the OTHER!
Have FUN.
No “Happy Snapshots”. No body wants to see your Aunt Bessie on their wall!
Have FUN.
No nudity, safe filters, profanity, sex or violence.
Have fun.
Upload ONE item per day
Have FUN.
No obvious political or religious statements.
Have FUN,
Enjoy the talents of others.
Standard RB rules!
Oh yeah, and did I mention have FUN!!!!

Images with NATURAL White, Gray or Ecru coloring is accepted providing it follows the basic rules. Natural SOMBER TONED straight from the camera non manipulated color is OK.

Please no images that were turned into typical sepia tones or turned to a black and white. We are also not accepting the BLUE toned images that look like Black & White. That is cheating! They will be removed.

We are now accepting bugs or insects, especially macros into this group!