no b & w or sepia... *ONE COLOR* MONOCHROME ......(NO PRODUCTS..Default *Image Only* size, rejected otherwise)

MONOCHROMATIC**NO BLACK & WHITE or SEPIA** or their COUSINS!! SINGLE COLOR TONES ONLY! NO NUDITY or ADDED TEXT! Insects OK, No images with added color. All shades of a *SINGLE COLOR* go here! Watch your Negative, or Sec

Recent Work

  • cutting through the haze by BigAndRed
  • Summertime by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Morning Breaks by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Windows in Blue by cclaude
  • Swishy by JEZ22
  • Dew Drops by Nuno Pires
  • The Look of Satin by Martha Sherman
  • Journey into Yellow - Rose Supermacro by SunriseRose
  • Emerald Green Evening  by lorilee
  • Mandala in malachite tones by JBlaminsky
  • Falling humans camouflage by dima-v
  • Cyclogenesis by Yampimon

About This Group

Somber Toned images from the camera MUST state that! Otherwise I’ll assume its B/W or Sepia and will be rejected. This is a group for all those wonderful shades of a single color (not Black, Gray, Sepia or their “Cousins”) that we often take for granted around us. We want to see the different hues of a SINGLE COLOR. NO SELECTIVE COLORING. All Photos or Art of any nature are welcome. Watch your Negative Spaces, or Secondary Colors. What goes on AROUND your image (like foliage, land mass, sky) can become a Second Color and will be rejected…………

*Images or works created using Public Domain or Stock images without crediting Artist/Company will be removed! It’s a violation of Copyright Laws! And its just Wrong!

REPEATED Rejections by the same artist will result in that artist being dropped from membership. PLEASE READ THE RULES of submission. Or ask me, I will help all I can….

Feel free to add your captures of nature, animals, buildings, flowers, water, macro etc. But please keep to a SINGLE COLOR. Watch your Negative Spaces AROUND your images, they can become 2 Colors and be rejected. No extra WRITING or WORDING on images, as in GREETING CARDS!.

Accepted types of artistry photographs (includes all artwork that is uploadable to RB).

We are accepting bugs or insects (especially macros) into this group! Butterflies and lady bugs accepted. (Be careful that your BUTTERFLIES are Monochrome, not multi- colored)

We do not accept anything with the safe filter, nudity, profanity, sex or violence.

Please do not add greeting cards or images with text. There are plenty of groups that are strictly for greeting cards of all types.

We are going to have a lot fun with features and challenges.

Even though there is no restriction on the number of images you can input into the group, we do recommend keeping it to ONE per day!

Something you should know: Hosts are not allowed to be judges. The winners are chosen by voting and we have no control over the counting of votes.

Our personal philosophy is that we, as hosts, are here to encourage you, so we won’t be featuring any of our own work or entering it in challenges. You will see our “entries” as examples for each challenge, so we’ll be participating that way.

See the group rules and join this group here