ONE,100% single COLOR only ❤️ MONOCHROME ~ No clothing!

*Rigid Rules* See Colour Wheel inside! ONE 100% Single colour only. MONOCHROMATIC ~Think Macro ~ All shades of a *SINGLE COLOR* go here!

Recent Work

  • Old Wooden Doors by FrankieCat
  • Yellow = Cheer by Laurie Minor
  • Cyclamen from the back by Shulie1
  • Exploding Blood Lily  by NinoSalina
  • Brothers by wenniewombat
  • AUTUMN LIGHT by Marilyn Grimble
  • Blue Mountain Lake by cobblehill
  • Go With The Flow by David Snider
  • Barberry and its' foliage... by Poete100
  • Hydrangea and Horseradish Leaves, Black & Blue by clipsocallipso
  • Ruby Fall by AdrianaMijaiche
  • Turquoise Forest by Kathie Nichols

About This Group

ARTIST of the WEEK ONE COLOUR ONLY MONOCHROME. ~ Front Page Feature 15 Nov 2018 Su2anne
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RULES UP-DATED July 4 2018

This is a group for all those wonderful shades of ONE single colour EG: All shades of green, All shades of Red, All shades of Yellow. ETC. 100% One colour and it’s tones.

Just remember! No Black/White, Sepia or Cyanotype or its look alike. PERIOD!
We want to see the different hues of ONE single colour. No selective colouring or tints or Cyanotype. Think Macro See the Colour wheel Example
Image from Sensational Colour with Link.
If you can work within this colour wheel range for the Monochrome, then we’re happy to accept your image

Insects are okay, if they blend with their surroundings, eg: Green grass. Photos and Art are welcome.. NO NUDITY, No Children under 18 or No added Text.
Watch your Negative Spaces, or Secondary Colours. What goes on AROUND your image (like foliage, land mass, sky etc) this will become a Second Color and will be rejected.. 1 colour & it’s hues.
Another example.

REPEATED Rejections by the same artist will result in that artist being dropped from membership. PLEASE READ THE RULES of submission. Or ask me, I will help all I can….“but please understand that the final call is the hosts, and while you may not always agree, I hope you’ll appreciate that I’ll do my best to be fair and consistent”.
All photos or art of any nature are welcome, as long as they display 100% of ONE colour and different shades of that ONE colour.
Nature, animals, buildings, flowers, water, macro etc. But please keep to a SINGLE COLOR. No extra WRITING or WORDING on images, as in GREETING CARDS!.

Please do not add greeting cards or images with text, Phone covers, t/shirts or dresses etc. There are plenty of groups that are strictly for greeting cards & apparel of all types. Default image ONLY!

Hosting by TeAnne 21 June 2018
Features will be on Thursday.
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Please read the 2nd half of the rules. We want this to be the best group possible for your unique artwork.

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts