Minifigs & Bricks

Minifig's & Bricks, Captured by the Camera

Recent Work

  • Darth Vader - Cat Lover by William Rottenburg
  • Darth Santa by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'
  • Banksy Panda  by minifignick
  • Good Cop - Bad Cop  by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'
  • Break Time by bykai
  • Improvisation and Harmony by bykai
  • Sailing Home Again by bykai
  • Vintage Rider by bykai
  • Police bike Patrol by bykai
  • Shall We? by bykai
  • Modus by bykai
  • Ride with Pride by bykai

About This Group

Minifigs & Bricks is a group dedicated to the toys we loved to play with when we were little (or in our case still do.) Lego has given so many people so much inspiration, and our imagination just keeps on going. Here we like to take these little guys and their building blocks out of context and photograph the evidence.

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