Mini Galaxy

Little planets and much more :)

  • 0 little planet castle tower and tree by ragman
  • Footbridge over Glen River, Carrick, SW Donegal by George Row
  • Sailing World by Troy Dodds
  • River World by Troy Dodds
  • Rory's House - Tigh Ruairi (Inis Oirr Village) by George Row
  • Empty Market by Lea Valley Photographic
  • flyin elephant by KlausF
  • action by KlausF
  • carousel by KlausF
  • new yourk city - we will never forget! by ALEX GRICHENKO
  • Abbey Grounds by Lea Valley Photographic
  • Lifford Coins, County Donegal by George Row
  • Mill Stream by Lea Valley Photographic
  • Business World II by Troy Dodds
  • Verbal Arts Centre on the Walls of Derry by George Row
  • Ness Glen, Mystical Irish Wood by George Row
  • Hands Across the Divide, Derry by George Row
  • River Garonne Toulouse - HDR Polar Panorama by HKart