Military Related Art (Past or Present)

A place to honor men and women serving in the Armed Forces

  • Sailor, Home From the Sea by R. Mike Jacobson
  • Steps of Strength by kat  -
  • Band of Brothers. by Erik Anderson
  • These Boots are made for Walking by Chris Clark
  • "Cousin Bryce" by Trenton Hill
  • Star by Diana Forgione
  • U.S. Infantry Cross Rifles Insignia Bronze Sculpture by Vincent von Frese
  • Paradise in flight WWII trainer (2) by Linda Costello Hinchey
  • Airborne ......all the way! by Andreas Mueller
  • Sunset by Diana Forgione
  • Military Teamwork by Sarah Grace
  • 1942- Military Mtarfa by Christian  Zammit
  • Line Em Up by kat  -
  • Hurry Up and Wait! by Ricky Pfeiffer
  • Hornet Canopy by David McMahon