Midwestern United States Art & Photography *THREE UPLOADS PER DAY*

This group will show historical points of interest and life styles of people living in the midwestern part of the United States.

Recent Work

  • Odd but Beautiful Sunset by barnsis
  • Evening Rush on the Third Avenue Bridge by shutterbug2010
  • Frost by iibr1ckelii
  • Outdoor Cathedral  by lorilee
  • A Walk in the Winter Woods  by lorilee
  • Bald Eagle at Rest  by lorilee
  • b i t t e r s w e e t  by lorilee
  • Eagles Nest by TheresaC1953
  • Bald Eagle 2019-9 by Thomas Young
  • Polar Vortex on Lake Michigan by Chris Coates
  • Back Road and Frozen Pond in Winter by Chris Coates
  • Life Renewed on the Shore of Lake Erie. by Billlee

About This Group

Midwestern United States Photography is for people living in the following states: Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska. We would like to showcase the landscape and life syle of people living in these states. Images may include historical points of interest, cityscapes, landscapes (common to your state), places to visit, and styles of homes. Also, farming and industry. Wildflowers native to the Midwestern United States are acceptable as well as public gardens. Home garden shots are NOW acceptable. Wildlife in the Midwest is acceptable as well as farm animals. Zoo animals are acceptable only if a native species to the Midwest is being shown. No dogs or cats please, unless part of a larger Midwest scene. We want the image to show something special from each state. PLEASE INCLUDE THE STATE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION!! Please note: You DO NOT have to live in the state to submit an image of it.
We also will accept art that reflects the Midwestern United States (same rules apply as for photography.) AND, please remember only 2 images per day. Thank you!

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Hello Winter by Mary Kaderbec-Alecson

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