Metallic Junktion

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Recent Work

  • Joe Shaw Statue, Sheffield United by wiggyofipswich
  • In the Public Eye by Yampimon
  • #2467 Steam Locomotive by John Schneider
  •  Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber - RIAT 2017 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • RAF 100 Typhoon FGR.Mk 4 -  RIAT 2018 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Lancaster PA474 City of Lincoln - 2 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Wrought Iron Bird, Palau Guell, Barcelona by wiggyofipswich
  • Abstract Signs on Dark Metal  by Anna Lemos
  • Just a Push by dcdigital
  • 21 Sculpture by the Sea 2018 by andreisky
  • Landing Mechanism by Randy Turnbow
  • Drive Wheels Heavy 4-6-2 by John Schneider

About This Group

Got Metal? Join the Junktion!

Once upon a time, out of the hundreds of groups on RB, if you searched “metal” you would not find a place for subjects of this literal term. Until now…

Metallic Junktion is place for photos or artworks featuring metal textures and/or metal objects. Dusty, dirty or shiny. Old and junky or brand, spankin’, new… at all stages of life. This is the place for those oddball shots of tin cans, chains or pipes that might not quite fit elsewhere but are just begging to be seen!

We will be featuring works submitted to the group. Keep an eye out for the announcement of new features in the forums!

It’s a lot of fun! Got metal? Join the Junktion!

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