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The future of the writers' meetings

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

As a host of our regular writers’ meetings, I’ve spent the first Sunday of every month greeting writers and trying to make them feel at home at Red Bubble, and encouraging them to share their writing experience. I’ve doing loved this, and have met so many wonderful people – some of my favourite RB moments have come from these occasions.

However, over the last year the numbers have dwindled, as has participation in this forum. This is undeniably representative of Red Bubble in general; if you’ve been on board for a substantial period of time, you’d know how different things are around here now, to the point where people rarely interact in a real world situation. And to be honest, I feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall trying to keep the meetings alive.

So I don’t really see the point anymore.

The meetings in their current format are therefore cancelled. Our intention is to hold them less frequently, perhaps three times a year. Our hope is that people might then have more enthusiasm, and be encouraged to participate.We’ll publicise it here, in our journals, and through bubblemails, but best keep an eye here for news.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find this sad, after hosting the meetings for five years. But RB is a community, after all, and if people aren’t prepared to contribute…well, things like this happen.

Thanks to all who’ve attended over the years, with hundreds of photos and dozens of quotes in my little red notebook…it’s been a wonderful experience, and I’m hoping this new format will be the breath of fresh air the Melbourne and Victoria group needs.

Michman Michman 446 posts


Thank you so much for organizing this over such an extended period of time and thanks as well for keeping at it. I may have stepped back from the Melbourne Victoria Group in general but I’ve always wanted to get to the writers meets. I think the solution of scaling back the number of meetings will work a whole lot better and I do still hope for more attendees (and more dedication from myself to get back writing).

Here’s to another mulled wine for you and a coffee for me at the Wesley Anne.

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43468 posts

Hear, hear! I have to say that I feel like I belong at those meets, with not feeling silly for arguing a language/word/spelling issue to death for an hour, or grabbing my own quote book (or phone if that’s closer!) to record something that someone said that hit me.