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[game] 2 random things

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

My cat bites me, for no reason… walks up behind me, meows and bites my leg. He is also not a gift giver

I can’t dance

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

1) Despite almost never ever wearing it, I love jewelry and pretty accessories and high heels and frilly skirts and girly crap like that- I just never have a reason to wear any of it.
2) I am extremely self conscious about my back. It’s the reason I grew my hair long and when people want to take photos of me from behind, I have a minor panic attack. On occasion I’ve point blank refused.

Darren Stones Darren Stones 2688 posts

I rub up against my cat’s leg and it gives me a stubby of VB.

I meow at the back door, then my cat proceeds to kick me in the bum as I make my way out the door.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

My favourite so far is Animo’s sister having an imaginary friend whose visits are announced by text messaging…..I actually snorted with laughter.

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

I’m with you bellmusker – the imaginary friend is a beauty!
Animo – when you get “the text” do you have to leave the back door open? Or did you have an Imaginary-Friend-Flap installed…?

Jo – with all them phobia’s you still manage to star in some great images. Nice work!

Once my brother chatted to me on his mobile (no hands-free) while driving from one client to another – when he arrived I heard shuffling and swearing then he told me “bugger – gotta go, can’t find my mobile…”

animo animo 43 posts

esp. for bellmusker & friartuck
I have no idea how the imaginary friend gets in – apparently he is a regular Houdini. the last time he came to stay though I got in trouble with my sister (also via SMS) for failing to make him feel at home. well that’s what she said he told her…

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

This thread is hilarious. You’re all nuts. I love it! Makes me feel even more at home here than before :)

doublehelix doublehelix 24 posts

agreed e.a.f.!

ok – more…
- I wake up at midnight – if it comes around while I’m up, that’s it – no sleeping for hours!
- When I was little, I used to dream that toys (that I didn’t actually own) would come alive and hunt me down.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

I hate pink with a passion.

I’m terrified of crumpets. Their little holes make my breath catch in my throat, and I have to scurry down the bakery aisle in supermarkets so they don’t see me.

This is beginning to sound like the ‘mad as a cut snake’ thread…….

Jenni Smith Jenni Smith 5 posts

I’m absolutely terrified of heights but I love abseiling, the higher the better

I hate lace and anything frilly

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

So many entertaining phobias out there!

I once met a clown with a balloon phobia. I thought she was kidding at first!

Oh, and my favourite joke is this:
Q. What do Hitler and Santa Claus have in common?
A. They both have long white beards, except Hitler.

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

Bell, last time I was around you, I nearly pulled out my pink wallet in front of you and pushed it back into my dark black handbag remembering how you shivered with disgust the first time you saw it in Anglesea :) See, I do love you.

Two more from me

1. When I was in primary school my ‘gimmick’ was eating my snot in front of the other kids for their entertainment. I did that until long after I should have known better
2. I use to teach children about the Roman Catholic faith at Sunday School and could sing a full Catholic wedding mass in latin… That feels like a lifetime ago.

Michman Michman 446 posts

I as 4’10 when I turned 16 then grew a foot in a year before levelling at 6’0. I have 3 year level photos of 9, 10, 11 of being the shortest in the class to being the tallest.

My entire diet during year 12 study was Savoys, Milk and Tea. At one point my mother bought five double packs of Savoys, in case "I was hungry)

SpaceAce07 SpaceAce07 166 posts

Jo that is disgusting YUKKKKKK.

I can’t spell some words to save my life, people tell me to look it up in the Dictionary. How the hell do ya know what you’re looking for if ya can’t spell it in the first place.

I dropped out of School when I was 15 in year 8 and started working.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

I have 8 titanium screws in my jaw.

I am a twin and my Mum didn’t know she was having twins until my twin brother was born.

So I was mistaken for his placenta.


bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

Jo, thank you for your respect concerning my pink aversion! It’s much appreciated.

Friartuck – your Santa Claus/Hitler joke is absolutely priceless, and will have me giggling all morning. My type of humour!

More random things: I have a degree in linguistics and have studied six languages, yet I CANNOT do crosswords to save my life, and am woeful at Scrabble.

I think Jaclyn Smith is without a doubt THE BEST Charlie’s Angel.

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

Jo – I think, in this game, you’ve hit upon a far better way to entertain the masses than munching nose-dirt! BTW:
Q. What is the difference between snot and broccoli?
A. You just can’t get kids to eat broccoli…

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

I used to sing in a choir and we traveled over Holland and Belgium and sung on a TV show along with N’sync…that was the day I kissed Justin Timberlake and most of my best memories around that time really do start with:…and this one time, at choir camp…

kimbaross kimbaross 86 posts

I never put Gel in my hair in the 80s and apparently I was stuck in 1992 for about 5 years.

Okay I lied about the gel, I think I did attend a bluelight disco and gel may have made an appearance….um……I was once bumped by a shark in the ocean, it obviously thought I was too small to bother with.

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 586 posts

I went to band camp once too!
Nothing even remotely eventful happened.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

Kimbaross – bluelight discos!!! I once collapsed at a bluelight disco and was carried onto the stage with Kids In The Kitchen. A shining moment in a pre-teen’s life.

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

I met the Chantoozies at a Blue Light Disco pool party at the Moorabbin Pool.

Years later, I was fortunate enough to briefly meet the Ramones…. they were cooler, but not as pretty

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

A blue light disco pool party! I’m so envious……sure didn’t get them in Ringwood :(

Michman Michman 446 posts

At one point I had a fringe that was below my chin (considering I waited that long for it to grow that much it was an achievement for me)

I also concussed myself by hurdling over a hay bale chasing my dog and headbutting a monkeybar.

GoldCoastGirl GoldCoastGirl 1 post

1 – I despise driving even tho’ I have to do it for work purposes

2 – I wish I could have a better flatmate

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