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[game] 2 random things

MissKristy MissKristy 327 posts

buhaha (have they been paid Mark?)

Jenni Smith Jenni Smith 5 posts

OK so 2 things….
1. I turned down becoming a professional kickboxer because I didn’t want to get beaten up for a lifestyle.

2. I have this thing about being even which my friends enjoy greatly. They will hit me on one shoulder and then wait to see me freak out about not having the sensation on the other side. Use to be hell geting my shoe laces right for sport, had to be the same tightness. Can we all say OCD together???

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

Only if we say it an even number of times

Sherriff Sherriff 2 posts

1. In Japan I was the first westerner allowed to study with the Yagyu School of Sword Fighting. I am able to draw a sword and behead my enemy in one fluid motion. I have yet to use this skill.

2. I have had sex with the daughter of an ambassador of an South Asian Country, in the embassy, while my girlfriend watched over a webcam.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

I’ve eaten rats.

I’ve escaped from a mental hospital.

The two are not connected.

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43468 posts

I have a mild form of Aspergers syndrome and say every letter of every word as I type/write it.

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

I thought of some more that I’d share, seeing as this thread is now a group therapy session :)

1 – I lost my front teeth when i was younger by getting hit in the face with a golfclub

2 – I electrocuted myself as a kid thiking that I could replace a flourescent bulb with my fingers and still make the light work

Anyone come across the postsecret project? Think this thread but anonymous… Some of the stuff there is soooo worrying!!

The book is ace but there is a website here too.

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 586 posts

Oh oh me too!!

I was a good little classical musician until I was seduced by the rock n roll demons at 17…spent many many years playing in bands until I hit breaking point and got sick of an industry that prefers shit-eating copycat bands like Jet over bands trying to do something fucking different.

I said the very best spoonerism I’ve ever said the other day, completely accidentally…I said “The notchback of huntre-dame”…HAHA I’m still cracking up over it.

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

I love playing poker!!

I love playing cricket indoor or outdoors!

Melanie  Dooley Melanie Dooley 311 posts

1) I was once caught up in a civil war in central Africa. It was a bizarre few weeks, with trips to the French patisserie for lemon merangue pie and sitting in the local bar by day, then being holed up in a secure compound at night when the fighting was going on. They didn’t fight much during the day.

2) I was a passenger in a small single engine plane across Kakadu (back when they had the pilot’s strike) when the engine cut out and the plane started to fall. We called maydays and luckily the engine re-started closer to the ground. We landed in Jabiru to a welcome committe of ambulances and fire engines, and my friends refused to get back into another plane to continue our journey. Because I slept through the whole thing, I got into the next plane that came along and flew onwards to Darwin. I was heading off to Bali for a holiday and there was no way I was missing my flight!!

There’s not much in this world that bothers me…

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

I think I’m addicted to this thread…

When I eat cereal, if there is any milk left in the bottom I keep adding fresh cereal to absorb it up until there is nothing left.

I bite my fingernails and knuckles which means I have really horrible unattractive scared hands… and many pairs of gloves.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

Remind me not to travel with you Melanie.

Actually I was caught up in a riot in the Democratic Republic of Congo in April. Our driver decided the only way out was to hit the accelerator and ram the ‘police/militia’ blockade. He told me to hide my camera (illegal to have a professional camera in Congo). I remember vividly us careering towards the militia line. A soldier aimed his grenade launcher fairly and squarely between my eyes. The soldier next to him raised his hand commanding us to stop. The driver didn’t. At the last second they dived to the side.

I had a nice cold beer that night.

And gently pulled the camera out of my arse :)

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 586 posts

I broke my nose in an unfortunate skiing accident when I was 5.

When I was little, there was a beast under my bed. I was OK if I was on the bed…but I couldn’t stand next to the bed cause it could grab me…so after I turned out the light at night, I’d take a flying leap onto my bed from about 2 metres away so the beast couldn’t swipe my legs with its claws. This became a habit until I was about…er, 14!

Jenni Smith Jenni Smith 5 posts

I was on Romper Room when I was a kid and the lights where so bright that all I did was rub my eyes the entire time. Even when talking to Miss Kim (it was Miss Kim right?)

The volume on the tv/stero can’t be a number ending in either 3 or 7

doublehelix doublehelix 24 posts

ok… I’m starting to believe you about the OCD Jen…

- I’m addicted to Milk…
- If I don’t get a certain amount of water each day (on me, not drinking), I get withdrawal

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

1. I have 9 large archive boxes of comics at home, of varying age, value and personal sentimentality. I’ve lost count exactly how many I have, but it’s scary. If you want to lose 3 hours of your life, ask me to rate my top 10 favorite comics of all time

2. I have never had a job that involved blowing stuff up in the arctic circle. I had never felt like that was something that I would enjoy doing, but earthairfire has me intrigued….

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

I once danced on “The Early Bird Show” with Marty Monster. I believe I was wearing lime green lycra.

I have a wrist fetish.

Quite a strong one……

Incognita Incognita 21 posts

1. I got expelled from Brownies > at my first meeting.
2. Later I got expelled from Girl Guides > at the first meeting and for the same reason…

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

Oh my god FireDrake- I did exactly the same thing with the jumping to the bed because the thing under it would grab my feet. But then, I’ve got ongoing issues with letting anyone anywhere near my feet.

And Adrian… I have 3 hours to spare if we get to talk comics the whole time. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… actually we should make it 6 hours just in case.

1. I have a fascination with dying and death… but not in a weird way… really. And I’ve seen quite a few dead people now. And still consider a move into funeral services as a future career option.
2. I like telling two stories mushed into one to keep things interesting

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 586 posts

I don’t like anyone touching my feet either, cause I’m insanely ticklish!!

I’m curious to know why you got kicked out of brownies and guides incognita! I refused to do my flower arranging badge, cause I thought it was dumb. All the other girls did it but I sat in the back of the hall with my arms crossed. Didn’t get kicked out though!

Charlotte Morison Charlotte Morison 25 posts

Ok, here goes (By the way, Wow on the arctic circle explosive stuff!)

1. I have recently achieved my 1st Dan Black belt in karate! (the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life)

2. I am scared of butterflies, moths and other flyie things fluttering around my head!
I only found out about this ridiculous phobia when my husband took me to the zoo when we were still just dating, we went into the butterfly enclosure and he had to get me out of there really quickly, because I was waving my arms about in the air trying to keep them away from my head. I think he was more concerned about the damage I was doing to the butterflies than he was of me.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

All this brownies talk is helping me come to terms with my failure.

Charlotte I’ve always wanted to do karate. I went with an ex boyfriend to the butterfly enclosure and he accidentally stood on a butterfly. We had to get outta there quickly whilst explaining to my 3 year old niece, it’s ok, the butterfly is just having a sleep.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

PS No wonder your husband got you out of the butterfly enclosure. Swishing your arms around like that when you have a Dan Black Belt has gotta be scary for more than just the butterflies.

Darren Stones Darren Stones 2688 posts

I have been banned twice and unbanned twice from the same web forum this year.

I have just been appointed as Chief Negotiator with the United Nations. ;)

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

Wow this IS getting personal eh… The next Melbourne Photo Group catch-up may be full of embarrassed silences…

“Oh, you’re the one who….erm. Yes. Well…”.

I scalded myself at 18 months old so badly I almost died. While healing , the itching was so bad I had nightmares about being eaten alive by ants! Still have a massive scar across my chest and one arm.

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