Mature Woman

This is a group devoted to the beauty art of the mature woman and from the mature woman.

Recent Work

  • Just Like In The Movies by Fay270
  • Whiskey Jack by Alyce Taylor
  • Prairie Smoke by Alyce Taylor
  • Follow the Red Brick Road by Alyce Taylor
  • Father I Stretch My Hand to THEE by © Angela L Walker
  • Watching You by Jos van de venne
  • Wonders in the Eyes of a Perfect Stranger by mastamere
  • Sri Lanka by lamiel
  • The Victorian Lady by Picatso
  • A Mothers Love by Cathy Amendola
  • I See All With My Eagle Eye by TeresaB
  • Jungle woman by Froggie

About This Group

This group is devoted to the art of the mature woman. There is a specific sort of beauty that a mature woman captures in her style of work that no one else has. She sees detail, softness, curves, color, and how they all contrast with each other. She has an eye for unique design and creates emphasis on what others find mundane. She has a voice all of her own and we celebrate that voice here.

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