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And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Katya Lavorovna Katya Lavorovna 312 posts

Okay, it’s not a book. It’s a poem.

And Death Shall Have No Dominion is, by far, my favorite poem. It is by Dylan Thomas, who is one of the great poets, and who led an interesting and angst filled life that was cut short prematurely. The poem has strong feeling, and a very complex structure. I highly recommend it. They featured this poem in the TV Series, ‘Beauty and The Beast,’ and the movie ‘Solaris.’ I enjoyed both of those too. Solaris (based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem) was a very cerebral film (I’m referring to the version with George Clooney) that dealt with death and loss, and the many deep feelings associated with those things. The underlying meaning and feeling in Solaris, I believe, eluded many viewers who were expecting just another space opera. So, the movie wasn’t nearly the success it should have been, had it been seen better targeted to those who could understand and appreciate it for what it really was/is. See it if you get a chance!. What if you could have someone back whom you had lost to death?

Maybe you could list your favorite poems here for us in this thread?

Nice to meet you all.


TimothySDavis TimothySDavis 1 post

I have seen Solaris a good movie i love those sort of movies were it devulges into human emtions watch Lost in Translation with bill murray you will enjoy that.

Katya Lavorovna Katya Lavorovna 312 posts

Thanks, Timothy. I’ll put it on my list of movies to see. I appreciate the response. I like your avatar.

Jim Hall Jim Hall 41 posts

I have seen Solaris and have to admit that your description eluded me. But now that you point it out, I’m starting to see. My favorite work is By Robert Louis Stevenson. It’s called “Requiem.” Short and sweet. JH

Jim Hall Jim Hall 41 posts

For a gutsy poem, try “The shooting of Dan Mcgrew,” by Robert W, Service. JH

S . S . 196 posts

i dunno i’m fond of Shel Silverstein
i think people have a huge tendency to read someone that is famous or a well known poet and then they kind of jump on that poet and love them.
i think if 90% of those “famous” poets just posted on RB and were not well known.. everyone wouldnt flock to read them all the time…

Katya Lavorovna Katya Lavorovna 312 posts

I fell in love with Death Shall Have No Dominion before I knew who wrote it, fwiw. :)

But I know what you mean. Someone posted a photo by a famous photographer on one of the photo websites a while back (I know, copyright infringement & all that), and it got some ‘interesting’ comments. Legal issues aside, it was a very interesting experiment, and one I’m sure many have been itching to do at one time or another.

Then there were “The Bachman Books.” I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, sales increased sharply once it was ‘leaked’ that Richard Bachman was indeed Stephen King… his own ‘experiment’ or ‘litmus test’ I believe. I believe the Bachman works were very early works of his.

While there are a lot of unsung talents in this world, famous writers usually are famous for good reason. Unfortunately, though, in support of your theory, promotion can play all too big a part in popularity. If crap is promoted skillfully enough, it can (and sure does) sell. That is particularly true in the music field (just listen to pop radio, blech!). If you dig around on YouTube, you will find some very talented people who will never get the popularity and distribution they deserve. Sometimes they are diamonds in the rough, but if one can see beyond the poor video and sound editing & quality, and the occasional missed note or weakness, or substandard equipment, you’ll see the talent shine through. It is there. (It is here too!)

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