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A place for those who are willing to assist others in creative writing, art and craft making and for those who wish to enhance their skills and evolve as master wordsmiths and artists...

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Once, your pen begins to write, your brushes and fingers begin to paint or your keyboard begins to tap…You will need a group of like minded friendly members, who share your passions and skills and to hone your skills even further, this is when you have arrived at The Masterpieces: Literary Workshop Group Our group’s purpose is the focus of the written word, therefore only art submitted with written work will be permitted, this is a place for all persons to exhibit and view written work … We are excited to have anyone join this group and celebrate in the joy of creative writing and art. Written work includes but is not limited to any topic or point of view in poem, prose , story or written word there will be challenges for writers and artists posted in our forum and announced to the group. We encourage you to challenge yourself in self growth, while exposing and opening your mind to the experience of reading diverse and flavored written work, encourage and support other members by giving supportive feedback. I, Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais and Co-host N. Kumar Bellani, welcome you to join us in Masterpiece Literary Workshop Group.

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Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais
and N. Kumar Bellani


Mary Campbell

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