two great taste that taste great together

Recent Work

  • Spartan Veteran Dog Tag by gabriel-arruda
  • Astro Brachiosaurus by strangethingsA
  • SUPER ARCADE WESTERN by Fernando Sala
  • Forest Guardians by outofthedust
  • Iron Soup by stationjack
  • Birdie 2016 by Punksthetic
  • Trump - All Your Base Are Belong To Us by Marco van Vlieg
  • Homunculus are Coming - Elric by gabriel-arruda
  • Bat Soup by stationjack
  • American Soup by stationjack
  • Character Fusion - Mac N Cheese by SevenHundred
  • Fear by Punksthetic

About This Group

Peanut butter and jelly, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Doctor Who and Back to the Future. Some things were just made to go together. This group is dedicated to those things that were good by themselves but are amazing when put together. Everything you submit should draw from at least two subject matters. Pop culture is preferred but not required. mashups, mash ups, mashup, mash up.

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