Mans Best Friend's (Dogs only)

A place to show off your most loyal companions (a.k.a dogs)

Recent Work

  • Beanie Baby Cisco by Rubyblossom
  • Nothing Finer. by Michael Haslam
  • Labradoodle Spring by Yvonne Carter
  • Waiting for you by MarianBendeth
  • Old dog by franceslewis
  • Charles by Ladymoose
  • Lost Hunting Beagles by Bine
  • Black Miniature Schnauzer by Geoff Carpenter
  • Sprawling Frenchie by Katie Corrigan
  • Heisencorg by Katie Corrigan
  • My Fair Laddie. by Michael Haslam
  • Cutout DOGS by DAdeSimone

About This Group

Welcome to the Mans Best Friend Group! This group is designed to show off everything you love about your dog, from the cute moments to the truly fuzz inducing moments. Dogs and puppies are a great stress relief and growing up around them has given me an appreciation for dogs that i really want others to see and hopefully be a part of. There is nothing in the world better than coming home from a long stressful day at work and opening the door to so much “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” your best friend has for you (the ultimate would be if you could train them to bring you an ice cold beer when they greet you) . The love your Best Friends have for you is nothing you can find anywhere else. Treat them all with kindness and love and they are at your side for life.

Sorry guys we do not accept cats! I know some of your best friends are cats but this group is for DOGS ONLY

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