We want to see your imagination run wild on yourself or someone else :)

Recent Work

  • Selective Colour Headshot by shhevaun
  • The Ring Master by Neil Johnson
  • Klownin' by Scott White
  • She whispers Death... by Line Svendsen
  • Authority by Line Svendsen
  • Vermillion Gypsy by Line Svendsen
  • Queen of Nothing (1) by Henrik Malmborg
  • Untitled by Alateia
  • Shinigami by Line Svendsen
  • Porcelain by Line Svendsen
  • Red carnaval by Jean  Malnory
  • Pollution by Line Svendsen

About This Group

The aim of this group is to show artworks PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY
of yourself or friends models or family that have completly outrageous makeup done something your dont see everyday
we want see wigs, paint, palstic wrap your self in bubblewrap use your own imagination photoshop is more than welcome to add that extra wow factor
show us your costumess from halloween tie your partner down and put makeup on him HEHE turn ur friends into guinea pigs please just have funn with it

See the group rules and join this group here