MIRTH (Members Images Relating To Humour)

Group Rules:

Photographs only (no Art or Tee Shirts) that have a humorous content, either by the image alone or with the support of the title.
Images that may offend will not be considered, likewise no nudity please
To be accepted, your image will need to be considered humorous by two out of the three moderators.
We are also looking for your very best standard of photography, so please ensure you upload the highest image quality possible, as we would like to ensure and maintain a high standard of work in this group.
Cropped images are acceptable, B&W / Sepia is also allowable, but it should not be obvious that the image has been visually enhanced / modified in any way.
Works which are unfocussed, over-exposed / under-exposed, grainy or indicate camera wobble will not be considered.
Photos not adhering to group rules will be rejected without explanation and should this be the case. we would ask you check the rules before querying with the hosts.
Finally . . . . . . . please adhere to the Redbubble rules, respect the moderators and be nice to others, Thank you