School Spirit

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Recent Work

  • First day of school by Lanii  Douglas
  • Awww Muuuuuuuum! by Lanii  Douglas
  • Schooling Maasai Style, Tanzania, Africa by Adrian Paul
  • Class Dismissed by wiscbackroadz
  • it's a colorful world by Kendal Dockery
  • sweet emily by Kendal Dockery
  • colorful kisses by Kendal Dockery
  • sittin on a bridge by Kendal Dockery
  • Sad Girl  by Sunil Bhardwaj
  • pretty in pink by Kendal Dockery
  • couches and laces  by Kendal Dockery
  • turn around, come back by Kendal Dockery

About This Group

This group is for all things school. As long as it is related to school, school sports, playgrounds, school supplies, school spirit, anything is welcomed here.

PLEASE, if your photo isn’t obvious as to why it is related to school, put it in your description.

Make sure you send in your best work. We do want to keep the quality high. Plus we will try to have as many challenges as possible without over doing it to keep new work coming in.

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