Love Bullets

A group for short writings (30 words and under); quotes, haiku, thought-provoking Truths, or short muses.

About This Group

Love Bullets is for the concentrationally challenged, the thinkers and philosophers, and writers of short pieces.

All work entered into this group must have less than 30 words

We will also be accepting Tshirts with small quotes, and art with short texts.

We have set some basic criteria:
1 – Positive/feel good.
2 – thought-provoking/philosophical
3 – humorous

Due to the fact that the writings will be short there will be no overall limit to writings and designs but a limit of 3/day is advised

Thankyou to Morgan DeMuth for her image Aimer
as the group avatar

Any questions; Don’t hesitate to send either of the hosts a Bmail

See the group rules and join this group here