Love & Romance

Group Rules:

Please abide by this group’s guidelines:

  1. No pornographic, tacky images allowed, Please keep in mind most NUDE artwork belongs in groups such as The Artistic Nude, or The Male Nude, they’re are even newer groups now even more geared towards other figurative styles of nudity as well.
  2. Mulitple or Series are not permitted as they are too similiar in content. It is best to select the best of the series and they must convey love & romance.
  3. No flower images UNLESS accompanied by text or corrdinated with something that conveys love & romance
  4. No images of single people without text, couples or pairs must convey to the viewer something that relates to love & romance
  5. No plain landscapes, seascapes, or locations.
  6. NO SPAM Journals/Writings: This appears to be a constant factor so anything such as:
    sales made, thank you’s, guess whats, Journal writings related to the theme that actually need to be in the writings section instead as well, and anything NON Themed should not be in these categories at all, repeat offenders will be removed from group permanmently from now on.
  7. Max images per member are now at: Art 10, Clothing unlmtd, Writing 0, & Journals 0
  8. Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.
  9. Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail me.
    #Any images not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification.

All uploads must have a “Love & Romance” theme.

Guidelines are subject to change without notice.