Love & Romance

This group is designed for all those romantics out there, who have loved, lost, found new love, along with desire and passion!

Recent Work

  • To Be Woman by SuddenJim
  • Sweet Candy Kisses xxxx by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Goddess of Heart with Giant Red Flowers by Anthea  Slade
  • All Creation Sings by micklyn
  • We Live in Dangerous yet Tenderly Beautiful Times by Anthea  Slade
  • Contained by Anthea  Slade
  • Strange Love by oneskillwonder
  • Big Bang Theory by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • my wedding  by melynda blosser
  • Deep Quiet on Horse of Dreams by Anthea  Slade
  • WHIRLpool >>>>> by TeaseTees
  • I Love Who I Love by Molly V.

About This Group

All imagery should be for created for buyers in mind. Your best work should be uploaded that you feel could sell. By selecting and uploading only your best artwork you are actually increasing the value of the group, attracting more viewers which in turn gives everybody a better chance to sell their artwork. So when selecting images to display here refrain from imagery with vehicles in them, street scenes with obvious distractions and non themed personal images. Any images not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification. NO SPAM JOURNAL ENTRIES ALLOWED.

Please abide by this group’s guidelines:

  1. No pornographic, tacky images allowed, Please keep in mind most NUDE artwork belongs in groups such as Art of the Human Body, The Artistic Nude, or The Male Nude, etc.
  2. Mulitple or Series are not permitted as they are too similiar in content. It is best to select the best of the series and they must convey love & romance.
  3. No flower images UNLESS accompanied by text or cordinated with something that conveys love & romance.
  4. No images of single people without text. Couples or pairs must convey to the viewer something that relates to love & romance.
  5. No plain landscapes, seascapes, or locations.
  6. NO SPAM Journals/Writings: This appears to be a constant factor so anything such as:
    sales made, thank you’s, guess whats, journal writings related to the theme actually need to be in the description section and attached to an image. Anything NON Themed should not be submitted at all and repeat offenders will be removed from group permanmently from now on.
  7. Max images per member are now at: Art 20, Clothing unlmtd, Writing 0, & Journals 0
  8. Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.
  9. Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail either Lisa or Luisa…..or post it in our forums and we will answer you there!
  10. Any images not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification.

All uploads must have a “Love & Romance” theme.
Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Congratulations to the winner of our Kiss Me Challenge:

Sweet Kiss by Eugenio

Featured on the RedBubble Homepage

Designer L.O.V.E

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