All Creatures Welcome! Black & Whites must be a good clear image!


  • gentle and wonderful by Marianna Tankelevich
  • Young Sparrow.....I'm all alone and cold.........!! by Roy  Massicks
  • Sleepy Head by Ladymoose
  • White Retriever by artlovepassion
  • A Piece of Wire weed in her mouth! Wild Western Grey Roo in the garden.  by Rita Blom
  • Tree Swallow wing spread by Eivor Kuchta
  • When your troubles knock you down get up and shake it off. by Barbny
  • white portrait by Marianna Tankelevich
  • Mallard - Wild Duck by MarekM
  • Common starling (Sturnus vulgaris) by MarekM
  • E. grandis and the Fledglings by Maree Clarkson
  • I'm Cute With My Tongue Out by CarolM
  • Who Are You Calling a Turkey.T Shirt by MaeBelle
  • Little Kitty Paws by inkedinred
  • Green Heron -  Please read description  by barnsis
  • Tui Singing by lizdomett
  • Left-handed Fruitarist by Mari Anrua
  • Migration by umantsiva