Livestock in General -3 images per 24 hours-

Livestock to include cattle of all kinds, goats, pigs or chickens.We welcome cowboys and cowgirls to put their best shots in here as well.

Recent Work

  • Handsome Boy by Larry Trupp
  • Winter's Spirit by AngieDavies
  • Why the Long Face?! by Carol Bleasdale
  • The forest sheep by jchanders
  • Cow And Calf Miniature Painting  by Margaret Stockdale
  • Belgian Draft Horse Foals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Polly Peacock
  • WAIT TILL WE GET HOME  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Horses are looking at you by jchanders
  • Ewes enjoying the shade........Cricket St Thomas. Somerset UK by lynn carter
  • Rejoice by AngieDavies
  • Me & Mom by PrairieRose
  • Cattle Call. by Michael Haslam

About This Group

Livestock in General is a group for Artists and Photographers who love livestock.

This is the group to display your best works of cattle as well as goats, horses, pigs, chickens and other poultry; llamas, sheep, etc. (They have to be the focal point in an image).

We would love to include your cowboy and cowgirl shots as well as long as cattle are included in the image.

This is not a group for dogs, cats or exotic animals. (There are ample groups that will accept those images.)
If your shot is of a working dog that is in a shot with livestock this is acceptable as long as the livestock is predominant in the image.

No shots of pets.

No shots of wild fowl.

NO images of bullfighting or sports that aim to finally cull an animal in the name of sport

Please ensure that the livestock is the *focal image and NOT scenery shots as the focal image, with livestock in the distance!

Definitely no photos of toy animals! The subjects need to be real if you are submitting a photographic image, please. (sorry to put this seemingly daft rule in but these images have actually been submitted and appeared in our group!)

No words on images.

We welcome photos, & art (watercolours, oil on canvas, digital & mixed media art as long as it is in line with the above requirements.)

All featured work, challenge winners and spotlight on artists receive banners. This is part of our group rules, so if you are not happy to receive banners you may wish to find a group that does not issue them.


As host I will use any image submitted and accepted by this group as the cover image for a group challenge.
It will not be used for any other purpose and gives the member a chance for their work to be showcased during that challenge time. If you categorically object should your image be used, please send an RB message to me and I will remove it.
Challenge wins are determined by the RedBubble voting system.

Our latest Challenge winner (May 2016) is Barrie Woodward with this wonderful image of the cutest little lamb!

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts