Live, Love, Dream

Group Rules:

(1) Please be respectful and considerate at all times. No drama here.
(2) You may upload photographs and all art mediums, but only your BEST work, please.
(3) NO nudity, iPhone cases, T-shirts, nor photos with added writing will be accepted.
There are many other “card” groups for those.
(4) No spiders, please…..I hate them!
(5) No toys.
(6) No violence, guns, or blood.
(7) No more than one shot of any one subject at a time, please. Pick your best, and enter that.
(8) NO CANDID SHOTS….please save those for your photo albums.
(9) No collages.
(10) By joining this group you agree that your photo may be used as example for any challenges that may be held.