Live, Love, Dream

Today's features inspired by freedom in life and freedom in art...

Recent Work

  • Graveyard Fields Lower Falls by Bill Wetmore
  • Bridge at Barford, Warwickshire by Chris Monks
  • Yoga by indiafrank
  • Where I Was Born by billfox256
  • The Dispossessed by Jennifer Rhoades
  • BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Grey skies... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Dandelion Days by dawnpeace
  • winged feet by MardiGCalero
  • Hanging by a Thread by Linda Lees
  • When I Admire the Wonder of a Sunset My Soul Expands in Worship of the Creator by Barbny
  • Sunny Tulip in pink by vadim19

About This Group

Let your dreams come to life here! At Live, Love, Dream, we are open-minded individuals striving for perfection in the ultimate pursuit of happiness. All are welcomed here with love and open arms and are encouraged to climb to the top of their success ladders!

A group that dares to dream, and DREAMS BIG! We welcome all new members and encourage you to jump right in and put your amazing talent out here for all to see and enjoy! Never let anything stand in your way, never stop trying, and NEVER back down from your true desires in life! We are here to support you, one hundred percent!

Winner of Starts with S Challenge

Shadowland by John Dalkin

Winner of New Avatar Challenge

Tomorrow – A New Beginning by Norma Jean Lipert

Winner “Big Cats” Challenge:

Looking into my Eyes Kuala Lumpur Zoo by Sandysartstudio

Winner “Beautiful Woman’s Portrait” challenge:

Winner “Other Mediums” challenge:

by Michelle Tracey

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